Sunday, August 23, 2020

Tips On How To Get Rid Of Acne Effectively

Have you ever been into this kind of scenario where.. you wake up and see that the pimple you’ve been ignoring for the last couple of weeks has now multiplied and is ready for an invasion? Well, it felt like that for me! I had acne all over my forehead that I can't even recognize who's forehead it was anymore. It's not funny at all! So I've come up with this list of TIPS on HOW TO GET RID OF ACNE EFFECTIVELY. I'd like to share this with you because I wish to not only help you achieve a clearer skin but also to help make you feel better. To feel a little less stressed and to hopefully make you see and realize that HAVING PIMPLES ON YOUR FACE OR ANY PART OF YOUR BODY WILL NOT MAKE YOU LESS OF THE AMAZING PERSON YOU ALREADY ARE. :)

But before we dive in, I want to make a special shout out to Skin Solutions Dermatology and Laser Center founded by board-certified dermatologists Dr. Liberty Sumilang & Dr. Francesca Sy-Alvarado. As some of the tips that I will be sharing with you today, if not all, are PRO TIPS that I learned from them too.

So here it goes..


You want to get rid of your acne effectively, not make it worst by probably getting an infection! Popping a zit will only give you short-term satisfaction, so even if you get that impulse, just don’t. Get your filthy hands off your face and leave your zits alone until you get proper treatment for it.


I never had acne when I was a teenager, and I have been using the same bar soap for my face and body ever since. But I'm also guilty of conveniently using wet facial wipes to remove my makeup and call it a day.. when I should be really washing it with water and a gentle facial cleanser instead!

The good thing is, I learn from my own mistakes. I've switched from body soap to Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser (not sponsored). It is a non-comedogenic, mild, clinically-tested hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and soap-free cleanser. As recommended by dermatologists worldwide. Don't believe me? Google it!


I’m already in my 20s and I learned that there are a lot of factors that may have triggered the appearance of “adult acne” on my face. Factors like :

A. Our genes! For example, if both of your parents and/or siblings are prone to having acne, then there is a BIG chance that you probably are too. But remember, there is no "one size fits all" approach to skin care and acne treatment. Every person's skin is different. A product might work for your sibling but not always for you.

B. Unhealthy diet! High glycemic food and beverages such as chips, baked goods made with white flour, and soft drinks may trigger acne. Try to observe what your triggers are and be mindful of what you eat.

C. Stress! Always try to find ways to manage your stress. Because stress does not only trigger acne but also weakens our body's immune system.

D. Lack of sleep, sleeping late, and waking up late.

E. Hormonal changes, such as increase in male testosterone in women, or some medical conditions. Check with your GP for any known symptoms.

F. Increase in sebum production or clogged pores.

G. Increase in acne causing bacteria.

H. Use of makeup products that irritate the skin. 


When my friends and family started noticing the growing problem on my face a.k.a. my acne, I was so frustrated and was super conscious about it. 

I spent money on expensive skin care products that sadly didn’t work for me. I am not against any brands, but what I am trying to say here is that NOT all of these highly-advertised skin care products will 100% work on each skin type

A dermatologist is able to give you a more personalized advice, and most importantly, proper diagnosis and treatment. I learned the hard way. I would’ve saved time and spent less money had I consulted a professional earlier. 

Once acne scarring happens, it is much harder to fix. And with DIY treatments on the rise? We are unknowingly risking ourselves from developing skin irritation or, worst, skin infections.


Be disciplined enough to follow your doctor’s advices and help your body heal. Finish your medications and complete your acne treatment sessions.

Have any skin care or acne tips you'd like to share? 

Comment down below..


I am no skin doctor nor a beauty guru. I like to share the knowledge that I have based on my own personal experience. If you follow any of these tips, RESULTS may vary depending on your age, genetics, environment, diet, and lifestyle. So if you are someone who’s done DIY treatments and home remedies that actually worked.. then good for you! You do you, I do me. Let's spare ourselves from toxic negativity. :) 

However, let me remind everyone that the SAFEST and most EFFECTIVE way of dealing with your #ACNEPROBLEM, or other diseases of the hair, nails, and skin, is to consult with a board-certified dermatologist. Dermatologists are skin doctors, they are medical experts who can give you a more tailored and effective treatment regimen.

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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

My Experience As A Financial Advisor

Beginning of a new Journey

When a friend of mine suggested I apply for a  job posting as a financial advisor, I was hesitant and thought I can never survive the training away from home. 

I tried anyway..
Team Innovation
 The rigorous training, tests and seminars were not easy. I had to take two licensure exams for traditional insurance and for VUL, a requirement by the Insurance Commission of the Philippines to make sure we really know and fully understand what we are getting into. 

Training bestie - Ryan Gerasta
Unexpected Friendships. 

My month-long stay in Makati City was eventful and fun, thanks to my co-trainees who helped in making it possible. They represent the different provinces of our vast country. Our favourite activities were story-telling, learning their dialects, sharing jokes, and food hopping. But more than that, we learned to cooperate and unite despite our differences especially during our test reviews, presentations and team assignments. 

My Branch of Assignment
What now?

Now I have an 8-5 job and helping families achieve their long term financial goals through Variable Universal Life. It's a 3-in-1 product: Life insurance + Health insurance + Investment. As a licensed financial advisor, we help our clients determine which product design would suit them well through what we call needs-based selling. We are required to explain every important detail and make sure our clients have a thorough understanding, especially on the terms and conditions of their policy, before we process their applications and payments for approval. After-sales are pain in the neck though, one that they've never mentioned during our training. Our job can be super toxic, we eat rejection in the morning as a matter of fact. But as they say, anything worth it is never easy anyway. This job would help me pay bills and for now, that is enough for me to survive.


Friday, April 20, 2018


I saw Jericho Rosales inside Power Plant Mall and that’s the main highlight of my stay in Makati!! #FanGirl

I am currently staying in one of the big hotels here in Makati City for a month-long job training and I can't believe I just saw one of my idols in the flesh! I was in Power Plant Mall Rockwell the other day to buy a pair of shoes for our training, when a familiar figure casually walked past me and I looked up to find it was Echo. Yes, it's so real. My heart seemed to have skipped a beat. I was shookt! It was a slow-mo moment for me, I froze and I was speechless. I watched him reach the main entrance door without a word. I didn't have the guts to ask him for a photo, Jericho Rosales making my day was more than enough. 

Here's a compilation of some of the photos I took with my phone during my stay in Makati City:
s k y l i n e
when the going gets tough, one goes to jolli jeep for lunch

where people meet for the love of art

blood, sweat and tears for sale

you can buy a nice bed but not a good sleep

where jaywalking is almost legal

the red district never sleeps

feeling blue in corporate jail
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Miss Grey 

Sunday, March 18, 2018


Inspired by my WHERE TO EAT IN DAGUPAN Blog Series, I bring you WHERE TO EAT IN CALASIAO! Dagupan City and the municipality of Calasiao has been Pangasinan's main food hub centers for years. So there's no doubt that more people are visiting these place each year to dine or to open a food business of their own. 

I've been invited by the owners through my Facebook page to visit their humble cafe located at San Miguel Rd, Calasiao. It's almost on the exact opposite side of Robinsons Place Pangasinan so it's easier to find. I like the vibe as I enter the cafe, for me, it looked like a bachelor pad with a feminine touch here and there. It's simple with an exposed concrete wall inside and bricked wall on the outside. 

I ordered beef lasagna and a coffee-based frappe on my first visit. Lasagna was good! I also love the fact that they have a window huge enough to give someone who loves taking a selfie a good natural lighting. They have a wide space for parking and may I say a small yet nice comfort room as well.

I recommend this cafe for everyone who wants to chill without hassle. It's relatively a small cafe but it's a worth a try. I also recommend their cakes and tuna pesto, I wasn't able to take a photo of those. If you want to see more from this cafe, just follow @javeritas on Instagram and Facebook!


Monday, January 1, 2018


New year, new me?

Nope, still the same.

m o o d
We've all been there before right? Making New Year's resolutions and forgetting them before we knew it. SO, instead of posting about what's and what not's, I'm writing about my expectations this year. 

For starter, I expect everyone to be watching vlogs on Youtube rather than reading blogs on the different blogging platforms available online. I expect that more people are going to travel this year after a surge in the number of travel vloggers and travel agencies out there. I expect to see more makeup gurus online and more makeup brands reaching out to every market segment. I expect a crowd at the gym after the holiday food binge, and I expect that I will be one of them. 

s w i n g
How about you? What are your expectations this year? Comment below! Photos by JD Tomagan

Monday, November 13, 2017


YES! You read that right..

 Last night, we got to party with James, Lauren, Brent and Nadine during the Emperador Hot Shot Brandy Party in Dagupan City. It was jam-packed with JaDine fans from all over the province, but minors were not allowed to get inside. No brandy for you JaDine babies!

James Reid performed his latest single, he even sang a duet with Nadine Lustre and that made the crowd roar even more. The rest of the gang were giving out brandy shots, taking pictures and dancing the night away. 

You can see how James was so protective of Nadine in one of the clips, can't help but swoon over this power couple. Watch the rest of the video here and tell me what you think! 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017


The last quarter of the year is always my favorite because I get to celebrate my birthdays in October, dress up on Halloween in November, and enjoy the festivities in December. 

I've been really into making different makeup looks these past few months and today I decided to share with you guys the three halloween makeup looks that I did. 

This was supposed to be inspired by a Mobile Legends character name Estes. I used whatever is available in my makeup kit and immediately  wished I have prepared enough for this, like maybe, I should've bought some face paint or something. But yeah, I still enjoyed doing this very easy and very simple makeup look. I used a brown masking tape for my ear to make it look like elf ears. You can watch some tutorials on Youtube. 

Halloween is not supposed to be all dark and scary, so I chose to dress up and honor one of the most talented female artist in the history - Frida Kahlo. Since I didn't have a floral head dress, I just edited one on a phone app called Photo Grid. Watch my Frida Kahlo makeup tutorial on Youtube by clicking on the link here. 

"I tried to drown my sorrows, but the bastards learned how to swim, and now I am overwhelmed by this decent and good feeling." - FK

For this look, I used BYS Philippines Cosmic Eyeshadow Palette and it worked like magic! I may need to iron some details the next time I try to recreate this, but overall, I loved the finish product. This is my favorite halloween look so far and this is inspired by Archie Comics and Riverdale. Watch my makeup video tutorial here. 

Straight outta comic book.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and I hope to see you guys again soon. If you liked this post, don't forget to comment below and share this to your friends.